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Visiting Other Areas

On a charter yacht holiday, the world is your oyster and we can’t mention every destination that’s worth seeing. However, here are a few more of our top sailing locations for you to discover.

An overseas territory belonging to France, French Polynesia comprises some 120 islands which lie across an area of around 3,200 kilometres. The region is located midway between Australia and South America, in the South Pacific Ocean. Blessed with a warm, tropical climate, French Polynesia is a year-round destination. The area is also rich in marine life and coral.

Known for its super-luxe resorts, beautifully blue lagoons brimming with life and laid-back atmosphere, this is a fantastic area for your charter yacht holiday.  From honeymooners’ favourite Bora Bora island to Tahiti’s stunning waterfalls – French Polynesia is a sparkling South Pacific gem.

The Galápagos archipelago is a part of Ecuador, a country that lies in the northwest of South America. The archipelago comprises 13 volcanic islands, 6 small islands and over 100 rocks and islets. The islands are located around the equator, over 960 kilometres west of Ecuador. The region has a climate that features low levels of rain and humidity, as well as relatively low air and water temperatures.

The islands are known for their high levels of endemic species, including reptiles, birds and fish for example. The Galápagos is a place where the animals rule and humans just have to get in line.  With a lunar landscape that’s home to a collection of bold (and sometimes rare) wildlife, visit here to come as close as you may ever get to giant tortoises, iguanas, seals and albatross.

South America is a continent of the Americas. It lies entirely in the western hemisphere and predominantly in the southern hemisphere. The Pacific Ocean is found to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The Caribbean and North America lie to the northwest. It covers a total area of over 17,800,000 square kilometres (approximately one eighth of Earth’s land surface). The region’s climate varies dramatically, depending on an area’s distance from the equator and altitude.

The continent boasts incredible biodiversity and is home to the Amazon River and rainforest. It also hosts many unique species of animals including piranha, jaguar, anaconda and llama. South America is a force of nature and is as diverse as they come. From the snow-capped Andes to the mighty Amazon River; or the lost Incan city of Machu Picchu to Copacabana Beach – you’ll find anything you wish for in this amazing part of the world. The region also has a fantastic range of coastal towns and cities to explore, from historic Lima to steamy Buenos Aires.

The planet’s southernmost continent, Antarctica lies in the southern hemisphere and is predominantly south of the Antarctic Circle. It is surrounded by the Southern Ocean and is 98% covered by ice. The region is essentially a frozen desert and as such is the coldest area on Earth. Temperatures reach lows of up to -90˚ Celsius in interior areas in winter and highs of up to 15˚ Celsius in coastal areas in summer. Antarctica has little vegetation, but it is home to a wealth of fish and marine life. A large variety of marine mammals thrive here, including humpback and sperm whales. In addition, penguins are well-adapted to the region’s icy waters.

Due to its climate, this region comes with its restrictions in terms of sailing. However, during the summer months certain areas of Antarctica are passable. Visit the stunning South Shetland Islands for a wealth of wildlife and breath-taking scenery. The islands lie north of the Antarctic Peninsula and offer one of the most accessible sailing destinations in this remote, but beautiful, area. Contact Allo Nautilus to discuss our range of available boats and book your charter yacht holiday today!

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