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Northern Europe

Visiting Northern Europe

Northern Europe can be broadly defined as the European lands situated north of the Alps. Exploring the tranquil, unspoiled and sometimes otherworldly landscapes of this region by boat is an experience you won’t regret.

From Norway’s awe-inspiring fjords to hip Swedish cities like Gothenburg, discover everything from natural wonders to art and culture. Whilst the region’s weather may not always be balmy, its natural beauty and spectacular wildlife will more than make up for it. With several unique countries to visit, this area makes a great option for your charter yacht holiday.

Northern Europe generally refers to the following eight countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden. (However, some definitions include the UK and Ireland, too.) The Gulf Stream significantly influences Northern Europe’s climate, which varies greatly. The western side experiences a marine subarctic climate, while the centre and the north have Arctic and subarctic climates. The eastern side is more temperate. Northern Europe can also see severe winters (with the exception of UK and Ireland).

The Baltic Sea and North Sea are home to an array of marine mammals, such as grey seals and common seals. The North Sea has around 230 species of fish and its coasts are the breeding grounds for dozens of species of bird. Northern Europe has a diverse range of wildlife, from the polar bears and arctic foxes of Norway to the wolves and moose of Sweden and the elks of Finland.

Stockholm archipelago, Sweden: Sailing the estimated 24,000 rocky islands and inlets that make up this archipelago is a dream. Surprisingly close to Sweden’s capital, combine a trip round the islands with a stop-over in the city for the best of both worlds.

Seeking out the Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway: Once a hub for fishing, seal hunting and trapping, this incredibly vibrant city has the title of ‘gateway to the Arctic’. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the range of activities on offer here, from fishing to dogsledding. Check it out!

Turku, Finland: The country’s second-largest city, Turku, effortlessly combines medieval and modern. Visit the gothic cathedral and impressive medieval castle. Then, fill up at its incredible eateries – romantic restaurant Smor is a top choice!

Jet-setting in Jūrmala, Latvia: Consisting of a strip of land covering around 30 kilometres and 14 townships featuring Prussian-style villas, this area provides a fun getaway for city-dwelling Rigans. With many hotels and restaurants, come here for a night off the boat!

Funen, Denmark: Renaissance castles, a handful of attractive harbour towns, good cycling and an archipelago of pretty islands. Don’t overlook this fantastic area, which is also a good spot for birdwatching.

Parnu, Estonia: Estonia’s number one seaside resort, visit Parnu for its sandy beach, spas, historic centre and grand timber villas.

Curonian Spit National Park, Lithuania: A national park since 1991, this area is home to four fishing villages, sand dunes and pine forests. Deer and wild boar roam freely, so nature-lovers will be in their element.

Northern Europe offers you access to pure, unspoilt beauty on your charter yacht holiday. The countries that comprise this region are varied and plentiful. Exploring the area by boat will allow you to discover landscapes and wildlife that are powerful and spectacular.

From killer whales and polar bears to geysers and hot springs – Northern Europe has it all. Contact Allonautilus today to chat through your options and book your charter yacht holiday to Northern Europe.

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