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Indian Ocean

Visiting the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean evokes images of swaying palms, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. And, in reality, this spectacular destination more than lives up to its reputation. Whether you want to explore the area’s wildlife, trek through subtropical forests or soak up island life – this region is ideal for a charter yacht holiday.

From the honeymoon island of Seychelles, to the volcanic mountains of Mauritius and the legendary temples of Sri Lanka, a holiday to this part of the world is the stuff of dreams. Catering for everyone from sun-worshippers to adrenaline junkies – a trip here will charm even the most discerning traveller. Your only challenge will be deciding your itinerary!

The Indian Ocean is the smallest of the world’s three major oceans. It spans around 10,000 kilometres – stretching between the southern tips of Australia and Africa. The ocean is bound by India, Pakistan, Iran and Bangladesh to the north; the Malay Peninsula and the Sunday Islands of Indonesia as well as Australia to the east; Antarctica to the south; and the Arabian Peninsula as well as Africa to the west. To the southeast, its waters meet those of the Pacific Ocean. 

The region is known for having an unusually variable climate. This is due to its monsoon wind system, also known as the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD). In a ‘positive’ IOD, the west of the region is warm, while the east is cold. In a ‘negative’ IOD, the temperature of the west is normal, while the east is cold. And, in a ‘neutral’ IOD, the west is cold, while the east is warm. The Indian Ocean region is rich in marine life, with many species of fish and coral. It also has a great deal of wildlife with a significant amount that’s endemic.

The Maldives: With arguably the finest beaches on the planet, you can’t go far wrong with the Maldives. Come here for luxury, romance and the most flawless sands imaginable. We promise that you just won’t want to leave this stunning collection of islands. And if you’d like to see coral in a whole new light, be sure to visit the Old Friday Mosque in Male.

Kalptiya Peninsula, Sri Lanka: With some of the best kitesurfing in Asia, this place is a magnet for active types. If you’re more of a nature-lover, large schools of dolphins call these shores home, so you won’t be disappointed.

Réunion: For spectacular mountains and a wealth of activities, Réunion should be top of your list. Home to Piton de la Fournaise, one of the world’s most accessible active volcanoes, this island is an adventure-lover’s paradise. Try your hand at everything from paragliding to hiking, rafting and canyoning, or kick back on one of the fantastic beaches.

Zanzibar Town, Tanzania: For some time away from the boat and a little street theatre, pull in at Zanzibar Town and visit Darajani Market. If you don’t mind the chaos, come in the morning when the food is at its freshest and the streets at their busiest. Then, visit The House of Wonders – one of the grandest buildings on Zanzibar.

Praslin, Seychelles: The Seychelles’ second-largest island is a Utopia of flawless beaches and lush, emerald jungle. The island is also home to the glorious, World Heritage-listed Vallée de Mai with its many hiking trails. Here, you’ll discover several species of endemic plants and trees, as well as great birdlife. Visit Praslin to be blown away by the travails of Mother Nature.

Nosy Be, Madagascar: Madagascar’s top beach destination, come here for its excellent water-based activities. If you fancy a break from the boat, arrange a trip to the nearby Parc National Lokobe where you’ll find lemurs, chameleons, vanilla orchids and ylang ylang trees.

The Indian Ocean provides a stunning backdrop for your charter yacht holiday. Having your own boat will allow you to discover the region without the inconvenience of navigating its (sometimes poor) roads.

In an area which is home to some of the most impeccable beaches and spectacular scenery on the entire planet, a visit here will be the trip of a lifetime. Contact Allo Nautilus today to book your charter yacht holiday to the Indian Ocean!

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