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Visiting Australasia

From the natural wonder of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, to New Zealand’s majestic fjords and Papua New Guinea’s colourful rainforest, Australasia is a region of remarkable contrasts and diverse landscapes. Covering a vast area, spanning everything from scorched, red desert to thick bush, mountains and dreamy islands, you’ll have much to explore here on your charter yacht holiday. Nature lovers will relish watching whales, seals and dolphins frolic in New Zealand’s Kaikoura, or exploring the sublime Abel Tasman National Park. 

Sporty types won’t be disappointed either, as Australasia also offers a plethora of activities for adventure-lovers. Skiing, diving, rock-climbing, trekking, bungee jumping, glacier walking, surfing, kayaking – the list is endless. For those who prefer cafes and culture, the region is also home to some dazzling cities, from stunning Sydney to stylish Melbourne and breezy Wellington. However you choose to spend your time, you won’t regret coming to Australasia on your charter yacht holiday.

Australasia is the term given to a region within Oceania. The most widely-accepted definition of the area includes the following: Australia (including Tasmania), New Zealand, the island of New Guinea (consisting of Papua and Papua Barat), and Papua New Guinea. The northern areas of the region lie between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn and experience a mainly tropical, equatorial climate.

Australia and the islands to its north, including Papua New Guinea, generally see hot and wet weather all year round. The centre of the region is home to hot desert and sees very little rainfall throughout the year. It also experiences high temperatures (reaching up to 50˚ Celsius in central Australia). The south of the region, by contrast, has lower temperatures and a cold temperate climate, with rain throughout the year. New Zealand, for example, can experience temperatures of -10˚ Celsius in winter, with highs in the low 20s in summer. Australasia is an extremely biodiverse region with many unique plants and native animal species such as Australia’s eucalypts, kangaroos and koalas.

Sydney Harbour, Australia: Nothing can beat approaching Sydney on your own yacht. When seen from the sea, its iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge have even more of an impact. Explore its superb art gallery, visit its beaches, dine its amazing restaurants, then sample its nightlife. This place will wow you on many fronts.

Discovering nature in Papua New Guinea: The island’s Nature Park in Port Moresby contains two kilometres of jungle-covered paths. This place is teeming with wildlife, so expect to see fruit bats, cassowaries and several exotic plants.

The Whitsundays, Australia: Dive in the Great Barrier Reef, explore the bush or dine on decadent cuisine – it’s all here. This collection of islands can offer you a real Robinson Crusoe experience or the chance to party into the night. The choice is yours.

Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand: The darling of the South Island, this is a sailing paradise with a host of islands, valleys, peaks and beaches. This region is also one of the country’s top wine-producing areas, so be sure to sample some!

Exploring pristine Fraser Island, Australia: A little slice of paradise, Fraser Island is jaw-droppingly beautiful. The island is home to sand dunes, stunning blue lakes, rainforest and an array of wildlife – including the infamous dingo. Camp out underneath the stars and drink it all in!

Hobart, Tasmania: This port town has much to offer. Climb Mount Wellington to take in the views, stop for lunch in bohemian Elizabeth Street or visit its museums.

Auckland, New Zealand: For a night away from the boat, choose Auckland in the country’s North Island. The ‘City of Sails’ is home to two harbours, with its Viaduct Harbour hosting some great bars and eateries.

Australasia provides a spectacularly diverse destination for your charter yacht holiday. Having your own boat will allow you to explore the region’s secluded islands, national parks, and beautiful coastal towns and cities at your leisure. In a region where outdoors is a way of life, it will also enable you to enjoy the array of activities at your fingertips. So, don’t delay, contact Allonautilus today to book your charter yacht holiday to Australasia!

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