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Arabian Gulf

Visiting the Arabian Gulf

The Persian Gulf, also known as the Arabian Gulf, is found in southwest Asia. The region is an extension of the Indian Ocean that sits between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. With its diverse landscapes, hospitable locals, rich culture and exquisite food, this area is fast becoming a tourism hotspot. Sail the enchanting islands of Qeshm, Hormoz and Kish, and discover their unique landscape and character.

Head to the lively town of Bandar Abbas at the Iranian entrance to the region to feast on its seafood, browse its bazaar or visit its Hindu temple. Or go to glitzy Dubai for some serious shopping in its mega-malls. Whatever you choose, a charter yacht holiday to this region is sure to keep you entertained!

The Persian Gulf is bordered by Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the south, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the west, Iraq and Kuwait to the north, and along the entire east coast by Iran. Historically and commonly known as the Persian Gulf, the region is also unofficially referred to as the Arabian Gulf by certain Arab countries. 

Summers in the region are warm to hot, with continuous spells of sunshine and high humidity levels. Temperatures can reach highs of more than 40° Celsius. The area has rich and abundant fishing and extensive coral reefs – although these have come under threat from the region’s industrialization.

Decadent Dubai: No trip to this region would be complete without a visit to Dubai. From the dizzying heights of its futuristic skyscrapers to its high-end shopping and diverse nightlife, Dubai is an eye-opening destination.

Valley of the Stars, Qeshm Island, Iran: For a truly special experience, visit the Valley of the Stars – a spectacular series of canyons and gorges formed over the centuries as a result of erosion. After that, take a trip to the delightful fishing village of Laft on the north of the island.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: For a little culture, this is the place to come. Visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which is home to 12 galleries, or the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for some spectacular architecture.

Doha, Qatar: Nipping persistently at the heels of Dubai, Doha has seen much investment and it’s paying off! Wander the vast museum of Islamic Art, or stroll around the traditional Souq Wakif – there’s a surprise around every corner.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia: For a night off the boat, Dammam is a good choice. This city has a good selection of restaurants catering to international tastes, as well as some great hotels.

Hormoz Island, Iran: Small, but beautiful – this island should be on your itinerary! With scenery of rugged, volcanic rocks and golden beaches, be sure to pack your camera. The island is also home to Rainbow Valley, with its colourful mountains.

Kuwait City: This place offers a wealth of attractions. From its fascinating Al Qurain Martyrs’ Museum to its majestic Grand Mosque – you won’t be short of sights here.

Hengam Island, Iran: For fantastic diving and wildlife, this island – located off the southern coast of Qeshm Island – will appeal to fans of the great outdoors.

The Persian Gulf’s shoreline holds a bounty of stunning scenery, opulent architecture and fascinating contrasts between modern and traditional life. Exploring the region by boat will give you a unique perspective on the diverse countries that make up this part of the world. Don’t delay, contact Allonautilus to book your charter yacht holiday to the Persian Gulf today!

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